Search Engines Flagging Results

Google is testing a new option letting a small percentage of people
remove results they don’t like from their own personalized search
results. This will only happen if you’re logged in and using Google
Personalised Search. In other words, see a page you don’t like? You can
block that page from coming back. It only will impact the personalized
results you see, not the personalized results of others or general
results that anyone sees.

“Whenever you come across a search result you don’t want, just click to
remove it from your future searches. You can remove a single page or an
entire site, for one search term or for all your future searches.

Google Account will store results you remove, so you can always add
them back later. It’s all part of Personalized Search, an ongoing
effort to improve your search experience by making it more relevant to

This feature might in the future have a
dramatic impact in th PageRank algorithm. Google will probably includes
a component so that if enough people ignore a page/site then it
devalues it’s ranking as well. Matt Cutts discusses on his blog this recent user-interface experiment on Google.


Similarly, in Habitamos when an ad is heavily flagged it is removed
automatically. There are certain quality controls mechanisms to avoid
users from trying to fool the system. The algorithms are tweaked and
improved regularly.

I have also noticed thanks to Max Cecchini that Yahoo offers this feature already. Yahoo also includes the option of saving the link. Very interseting!



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