Europe is losing online

I get a feeling that we Europeans are being left out of the Internet revolution.
Well.. actually it seems that the whole world is being left out and US
companies are eating the whole Internet pie!! Even more alarming is the
fact that the few European successful projects have nearly all been
sold. Some example:

– Skype (bought by eBay)
– Kelkoo (bought by Yahoo)
– Espotting (bought by

some reason, Europeans are finding it extremely hard to compete in the
software/services industry. Why are we successful in the mobile and
aerospace industry but completely choke when it comes to software!?

Lack of entrepreneur culture?…  people scared of failure? …or maybe we are simply missing efficient funding mechanism?

The fact is that we are now finally seeing fast consolidation in the Internet and it seems its going to be a US party this time!


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