IM Consolidation

Microsoft and Yahoo to join forces by connecting their Instant messaging software.
Makes a lot of sense!

you are the underdog you want to interconnect networks, but once you
become a champion then you want to close the network. Paradox
situation? I remember when MSN messenger started they where begging ICQ
for interconnection and now that they are big they have closed system
and Google Talk can’t connect to them.


Anyway, I am completely tired of having to connect to the 3 networks
(talk, messenger, skype) in order to keep in touch with all my friends.
Luckily I don’t know anyone on Yahoo or AIM.

Strengths and Weaknesses of IM services:

1) Messenger
Large user base. It is very popular in Spain, driven by Hotmail users.

2) Skype
Excellent audio quality. Skype Out is excellent, my 50 Euros have lasted nearly a year!

3) Talk
Best graphic interface, uncluttered. Audio quality is as good as Skype.

4) ICQ
Stopped using a long time ago when I lost my contacts. (Contacts used to be saved on the hard disk and not online).

5) Yahoo
Can’t comment never used.


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