Our little secret…

Here is a little secret about us …
we are actually based in Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

Habitamos is “officially” a Spanish start-up but the whole team is based in Buenos Aires. I’m practically on my own in Madrid.

Why? For cost reasons.

I founded Habitamos I decided from the beginning to setup the team
directly in Argentina. I lived in Argentina for a while and think the
country is a fascinating place. While Argentina is home to a multitude
of ethnic groups, there are some characteristics that everyone shares –
energy and passion. Moreover, in Argentina you can start a new company
with a smaller investment and find highly skilled and highly motivated
people very easily.

For many start ups money is always a big
issue. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay Spanish programmers. Salaries in
Argentina are eight times less than the equivalent in Europe and thanks
to this difference I have been able to setup the company with my
limited savings.

A special mention to Skype as well which has
been a fundamental part of the offshoring. Skype has enabled us to
maintain an open audio channel between Madrid and Buenos Aires all day
long during the past year. THANK YOU SKYPE!!

I believe there
are interesting times coming ahead and I am sure that the future will
bring fantastic benefits to society and in some case even new
disruptive business models. Thanks to having offices in different
countries, we not only can count on an outstanding international
workforce, but moreover, have been able to provide free classifieds in
Spain and still have some money to spend on marketing and providing
customer service!


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