Wow… now this is REALLY REALLY GOOD..!! 

This new website (OnOneMap) has completely blown me apart! All the properties in the UK on one map!! Including Rightmove, Fish4, Propertyfinder, Foxtons, etc..  you name it, they are all there!

is by far the best Google Maps mashup that exists and I am delighted to
even find my parents property on the map. The property is for sale in
Bournemouth and the information is correctly displayed under two estate
agents with no ovelapping data. These guys have done an excellent job.

Now the bad news… the problem with
OnOneMap is the fact that there is no business model behind and all the
data displayed is owned by a few big consolidate players. If OnOneMap
becomes too popular, the data provides might not be happy loosing
strategic control of their web users to OnOneMap and therefore remove
their properties! Lets hope not, time will tell…

In the mean
time, I hope Google launches the maps and geocoding for Spain and other
countries so that we can improve our mashup too. The same message goes
for MSN VirtualEarth, we don’t have preference which API we use!

Update: We now have our own ADOOS GOOGLE MAPS MASHUP



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