Finally some good analytics

I have to admit that until last
week I had no idea what visitors did when they arrived to I could guess… yes but that was a cowboy approach of
managing the site. I tried all the free web stats services in the
market: Webtrends, Indextools, Statcounter, Extreme, etc.. but
eventually either the trial period finished or we got kicked out for
consuming too many page views.

Last week Google launched their Analytics services
as many of you know. I think its an amazing software and hopefully will
prove very useful to us when we start next year with PPC marketing

The only problem I have is regarding the
confidentiality of the data. I don’t feel comfortable with Google
having access to our conversion ratios and sales figures. Google have
declined that they will use the data to better understand how much you
are willing to pay for ads, based on conversions. They also claim that
they do not plan to tap into the data as a means of improving regular
search results or to identify bad sites. Nevertheless, these things are
easily possible if you use Google Analytics.


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