Homepage Design Tweaks

This week we have spent some time working on a new design for the
homepage of Habitamos. I think the outcome looks quite nice, a
completely subjective opinion! You can judge for your self

of the team members are graphic designers, but our main aim was to try
to increase brand awareness and improve the look and feel. Here are
some of the new changes implemented:
1) Contrasting blue line across the top center of the screen.
2) Moved the search box to the left.
3) New links on the top right “Publica un anuncio | Acceso a cuentas | Ayuda“.
4) Added a new slogan “Clasificados gratis para todos”. This might change, maybe?
5) Reduce the font of the categories.
6) And some other minor eye candies here and there.

Habitamos’ New Homepage – February 2006


Habitamos’ Old Homepage
Looking back at the WayBack Machine one can check out the large number of design iterations over the past 2 years.

Where is Wally? Try and spot all the changes  ;-) 

December 2005


September 2005


March 2005


January 2005


November 2004



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