I have to bin my car

Today I have found out that unfortunately its too expensive to fix
my broken car. I took it to the garage a couple of weeks ago to get the
motor fixed because it was making a really loud sound.

I called up the garage today and apparently they tell me that I have to replace the gearbox and the clutch. They are quoting 2,500 Euros to fix it!! What!!?
I precisely bought a Seat Ibiza thinking that it was the cheapest car to maintain and fix in Spain, apparently not!

to the garage is one of those moments in life when I really feel like a
fool! I have no idea about cars or mechanical engineering and I have no
way to tell if the guy is talking nonsense or not. Anyway, I’m going to
take the car to another garage and see if he gives me a better quote.
If not, c’est la vie, I am going to have to retire my baby.  (I paid for it 2,500 Euros secondhand 18 months ago).



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