Building Up Critical Mass

Launching a classifieds website is all about building up critical
mass until you reach a tipping point where it starts to become
economically viable to invest in marketing campaigns. Essentially
creating an information marketplace that is viable to serve ads against
that traffic.

It sounds easy but it’s extremely hard to
reach that tipping point, it can take from 6 months to 1 year of hard
work. Unless of course you accelerate timings by burning money on
pre-tipping point marketing campaigns. critical tipping point

The chart shows the critical point for (May 05). It
also shows the growth of the Italian, Mexican, Argentinean and
Brazilian sites which are approaching their respective tipping point.

Our internal studies show that the tipping point is approximately around 10,000 active ads and 100,000 unique visitors. No big secret given away, its all common sense!


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