A Picture´s Worth a Thousand Words

A picture’s worth a thousand words and that’s why today we’ve
started including image thumbs within the listings page. Initially we
are implementing the thumbs for the property and motor sections for all

However, implementing thumbs has serious
implications for our business model and that’s why we need to carefully
evaluate the publishing patterns. Users currently pay 10 Euros per ad
to promote their items with a thumb and we now need to find alternative
ways to make their premium ads standout from the rest.

Here is a summary of some pros and cons.

– Picture provides more information. (What colour is that car?)
– User friendly list. (Easier for first time users)
– Encourages advertiser to upload a picture of their products.

– We canibalises our “Premium Ad” revenues. (Major concern!!)
– Weight doubles.  Listings page becomes heavier (200Kb).
– Takes longer to load the page. (Might affect dialup connections).
– Increases our server load. (Minor issue I think).

Here are two examples:

Screenshot 1: List of properties in Malaga

Screenshot 2: List of second hand VW Golf


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