Funding roadshow

After years of managing
Adoos/Habitamos as an independent company, I have come to the
conclusion that it now makes sense to secure funding and bring
investors on-board to help us launch throughout Europe.

true that last year (2005) we briefly flirted with some media companies
such as El Mundo, Guardian Newspaper, TPI and other guys; but nothing
really came out of those meetings. I realised then that media companies
are not the right partner for us and that its better to partner with a
big Internet player or a VC.

I’ve stared the funding roadshow
this week with meetings in Rome on Monday, Tuesday in Madrid, Thursday
in London and Friday in Washington. Next week I will then spend 5 days
in Silicon Valley! Too much travel, but its got to be done! We are in
talks with several tier-one VC firms and an Internet player. All of
which are US companies.

Hopefully we will make a decision in
the coming weeks. I am really looking forward to getting back to work
with a bigger team and more resources! We are going to launch some
pretty amazing stuff in the coming months!


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