The virtues of a second screen

Today I found this really interesting article in the NYT
about working with two monitors. Apparently adding an extra monitor
will give your output a considerable boost 20 percent to 30 percent,
according to a survey by Jon Peddie Research.

When I am shopping on the Web, my two screens let me compare products.
When I work on tables or spreadsheets, I can see all the columns at
once. When I expect important messages, I keep my e-mail program open
on the side monitor while I work on something else.

I love the two monitor solution. What’s
more, just about everyone at Adoos uses two flat monitors (2 x 17″ or 2
x 19″). It looks expensive but is not, 17″ LG are 200€ each! and I
think Benq is even cheaper. Here is my home setup (total cost: CPU + 2x
17 inch monitors = 700 Euros)



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