RobotReplay – Watch your site visitors


How cool would it be to be able to watch your visitors move their mouse, click on links, and scroll down your pages?  Would that tell you anything about your site? 

This week I’ve been playing around with a software that does exactly that. Just sign up at RobotReplay, put a teeny-tiny line of script on any pages you want to record, and you’re all set. 

At Adoos, we implement new features and changes on the User Interface nearly on a weekly basis. RobotReplay is definitively going to help us understand how our users interact with the site.



  1. Gsmax27 said

    As soon as I saw this software I tried to install it to my page so far didn’t succeed to do so due to some error to save my URL. I hope though it will help to get deeper insight into usability. Thanks for info

  2. Julian said

    It is true that the software is a bit bumpy, still beta or even alpha! Not every recorded session seems to be working, but some do.

    Good luck with

  3. Gsmax27 said

    One question, who is in your opinion done best job speaking about SEO in spanish classifieds ads market?

  4. julian said

    I don’t know…. but don’t do SEO with my blog please.

  5. Gsmax27 said

    Ok, I won´t.
    Even though i got one more question if you are fine with it.
    Speaking about Robotreplay when you create a file to confirm that you´re a site owner. What format of the file it was? I try to make it as html, htm, txt even wasn´t appoved.

  6. betty said

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