Formentera Weekend

This weekend I’ve discovered one of the last jewels in the Mediterranean. Formentera!

Formentera is the fourth of the Balearic Islands and is situated off
the coast of Ibiza. It is approximately 4km from Ibiza, or half an
hour by boat. The island is only 18km long and has beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas (like in the Caribbean).

The island was full of Italian! I’m amazed how the Italians are experts at colonising the coolest spots around the world. 🙂

I would highly recommend everyone visiting Formentera at some point. Here are some pics.

Nick Latham from Adoos.. carrying lots of beer to the beach


First day at the beach..   no sun tan yet!




  1. That is a lot of beer! How much did you go home with?!

  2. allen said

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  3. Alf Steel said

    Bienvenido a nuestra isla, espero que la disfrutes algunos años más.

    Welcome to our island, I hope that you enjoy a few more years.

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